Wind power technology, the clean, renewable and sustainable alternative

Designed for isolated grid and distribution generation applications in Africa.
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No gearbox that requires maintenance
No auxiliary equipment like intermediate shafts, power couplings, water cooling systems, hydraulic power packs, with all the sensors and control systems required for these auxiliary items
Low speed main bearings
Compact construction
Passive air cooling system
Pitch control wear-free belts
Maximize energy yields
Minimize down time
High quality power to the distribution network
No need to generate current to excite generator field coils
Maximum power point tracking ensures peak turbine output at all times
Maximize grid stability
Reduces intensive maintenance to a large extent
Efficient electromagnetic brake system
Within the specialist industry of wind generated electrical power we distinguish ourselves with the following:
We bring to market 300kW units, smaller than overseas models, but equalling or bettering cost of electrical generation. For instance four of our 300kW turbines will deliver 1200kW as cost effectively or cheaper than any larger turbine unit.
Our wind turbines are 4th generation, state of the art comprising:
Generators directly mechanically connected to the wind turbines and electircally to the power grid via a solid state converter
A gearless, permanent magnet, variable speed generator. This direct drive system is under maximum power point control which provides an outstanding efficient energy converter.
  By restricting the desing of our machine to the least number of components we have provided a simple solution for a complex problem.
The advantages of the PalmtreePower wind turbine may be summarised in the following:
1. Less components result in easier and low maintenance
2. More efficient energy conversion
Our key value proposition is one of convenience: peace of mind, having enough capacity, including protection against power-outages and, finally by acting in a morally responsible way towards combating global climate change.
Palmtree Power can better global lead times (waiting period for delivery of turbines).

There is a global backlog in the delivery of wind turbines. As of September 2008 the lead times reach 27 - 48 months or more depending on the size or quantity of turbines ordered.

Palmtree Power now accepts deposits to the value of US$15,000 per unit on Palmtree 300 Wind Turbines for delivery in June 2009. You may download a copy of the contract.