Wind power technology, the clean, renewable and sustainable alternative

Designed for isolated grid and distribution generation applications in Africa.
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The Palmtree 300 Wind Turbine has a threefold competitive advantage in these environments:

Early models of large wind turbines need existing energy infrastructure to drive their gearboxes. These turbines draw power off the electrical power grid in order to start-up and bring the turbine up to the required operational revolutions. In contrast, the Palmtree 300kW WIND TURBINE does not need existing electrical infrastructure in order to excite the generator field coils, because the machine has its own infrastructure.

The Palmtree Power 300kW WIND TURBINES are easier to erect in especially demanding or complicated environments, even where facilities such as roads and other infrastructures are underdeveloped. In short, the Palmtree 300kW is suitable for erection, deployment and commissioning in any area, provided wind conditions are conducive.

Cost-effective. Four of the Palmtree 300kW units will nevertheless generate 1200kW of electricity as cost-effectively if not more so than larger units. The overall Kilowatt hour cost effective production costs of our units can be less or competitive to larger units which produce up to 1200kW.
To utilise wind power technology as a means to combating energy poverty, without affecting the environment adversely.
Our mission is to promote universal access to clean and sustainable energy through advanced wind power technology, specifically in Africa and other developing countries.
We designed the Palmtree 300kW Wind Turbine for isolated grid and distribution generation applications in Africa and other developing countries where for various reasons infrastructure might not readily be suitable.
The 4th generation technology of the Palmtree 300kW Wind Turbine addresses the challenges of demanding environments with limited or no existing infrastructure.
We can deliver electrical power cost effectively where wind speeds are conducive to wind energy generation, even in areas where infrastructure is difficult or underdeveloped.  
Palmtree Power can better global lead times (waiting period for delivery of turbines).

There is a global backlog in the delivery of wind turbines. As of September 2008 the lead times reach 27 - 48 months or more depending on the size or quantity of turbines ordered.

Palmtree Power now accepts deposits to the value of US$15,000 per unit on Palmtree 300 Wind Turbines for delivery in June 2009. You may download a copy of the contract.
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