Wind power technology, the clean, renewable and sustainable alternative

Designed for isolated grid and distribution generation applications in Africa.
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Mr. Emery Glenn was born in Michigan USA. After completing his studies he joined the United States Marine Corps, where he served from 1980 to 1982. On leaving the Marine Corps he represented Atlas Trading Corporation in numerous African and South American countries. In 1989 Glenn ventured into business enterprises in Africa. This is where he experienced at first hand the problems of drought and energy inefficiency in Africa. This led him on his life long quest to assist Third World Countries with technologies that would contribute to solving the problems of sustainable energy capacity, safe drinking water and basic sanitation. In 2005 Emery Glenn decided to move to South Africa with his family and establish an enterprise focusing on renewable energy. In April 2006 he initiated and became one of the founders of Okhela Renewable Energy Corporation and its subsidiaries. He is the Director of Operations for Okhela Renewable Energy Corporation. Okhela is a majority shareholder in Palmtree Power.
Prof. Kamper acts as technical advisor to Palmtree Power (Pty) Ltd: He joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in 1989 as senior lecturer, he became associate professor in 2001 and full professor in 2004. He teaches Electrical Machines Power Electronic, Electrical Drive, Electrical Machine Design, Renewable Energy Applications. Prof. Kamper is currently leading the Electrical Energy Engineering group. Kamper is the author and co-author of 20 journals and more than 40 international conference publications and the co-author with Jacek F. Gieras and Rong-Jie Wang of the textbook, Axial Flux Permanent Brushless Machines, Kluwer Academic Publishers (now part of the Springer), Boston-Dordrecht-London, The Netherlands, 340 pp, ISBN 1-4020-2661-7, 2004.
Our mission is to help governments and enterprises in meeting their obligations to combat Global Warming and Climate Change, by providing wind power, a clean, renewable and sustainable alternative electrical energy source.  
Palmtree Power's directors and personnel have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the ALTERNATIVE ENERGY INDUSTRY specifically WIND ENERGY TURBINES.
Respect for our planet Earth, its environments and all its inhabitants.
Leaving a lasting legacy of respect and a balanced attitude towards the proper management and understanding of the environment for future generations.
Applying ourselves, our company, our personnel and our stakeholders honestly and conscientiously in the execution of our business. We adhere meticulously to deadlines and delivery times and also embrace responsible and prudent budgeting and honourable business practices.
We strive for the enhancement of our technologies through ongoing research developments and innovation with emphasis on user friendliness, efficiency and timeous delivery of our services and products.
Do we stand for something?

We are proud to stand for high, noble and estimable values. A core value to us is respect and conservation of our planet Earth and all its diverse forms of life and resources.
Mr. Jacob Mabena resigned from the Mpumalanga Legislature to pursue a career in business in 2005. He is the co-founder and shareholder of Okhela Renewable Energy Corporation and shareholder of Ubuntu-Botho Investments (Pty) Ltd. Mabena had a distinguished career in the Mpumalanga Provincial Government as Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for various Departments: Economic Affairs, Gambling and Tourism, Finance, Economic Affairs and Economic Development and Planning. As MEC Mabena is widely travelled and led Investment and Tourism Promotion Missions to numerous European destinations and countries in USA, Europe. Asia and Africa. He has extensive experience of economic development challenges.
Mr. Hans van Eden has a Masters degree in industrial engineering from Stellenbosch University (1974), he is registered as a professional engineer and a member of the Engineers Association of South Africa. His career included stints at the South African Department of Water Affairs (where he developed and implemented a model for the optimization of heavy-duty earth moving equipment that was subsequently applied nationally); Mr van Eden was employed at Murray & Roberts & Motco Tools (as product development engineer that entailed research in Germany and Sheffield, UK). Van Eden founded Turbex Turbines (Pty) Ltd Company in 1981. He developed a modern version of the traditional windmill, where a helical screw pump is driven with wind power. The concept was a major breakthrough in Windmill Technologies, and is still a leader in this field in the world. As CEO Hans van Eden brings vast technical knowledge and commercial expertise to Palmtree Power.

J.A. van Eden, Pr-Eng., M-Eng.
CEO, Palmtree Power (Pty) Ltd.
P.O. Box 583,
Harrismith, 9880
South Africa
Tel: 082 773 8496