Wind power technology, the clean, renewable and sustainable alternative

Designed for isolated grid and distribution generation applications in Africa.
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The Palmtree 300kW WIND TURBINE provides reliable power in distributed generation for African conditions, where the power grid is many times “soft and unbalanced”. Our variable speed, direct-drive permanent magnet multi-pole generator, with its integrated power converter increases energy capture while eliminating current inrush during control transitions. The turbine can connect to large power grids as well as to remote wind-diesel mini grid systems. It effectively provides grid support, without inducing surges, rather than compromising the quality of the generated electricity supply.1

Our sophisticated remote monitoring/control software allows real-time accessibility of the turbine thus minimizing unnecessary service calls. The entire system for controlling the supply of the generator output, including the AC/ DC/ AC converter is stationed inside the base of the tower. The bearings of the turbine form an integral part of the generator which reduces the necessary maintenance work to the grease lubrication of its slow-speed bearings. The bearings absorb the forces of the rotor and at the simultaneously functions as bearings to the generator. In contrast to conventional machines, our generator will experience virtually no wear.
Three fiber glass reinforced blades are bolted to a rigid hub, that mounts directly onto the generator main shaft. The turbine rotor is protected from over speeding by electronically controlled blade pitch drive motors.
The variable speed, permanent magnet, multi-pole direct drive generator is designed to operate the rotor blades at peak performance over the complete range of operating wind speeds.
It has a stationary stator and permanent magnet rotor. The optimization of the generator, endeavors to minimize losses and maximize the power factor.
Safety systems provide both normal shutdown and emergency braking backup functions.
The decoupling of the generator and grid with the aid of the converter makes variable speed operation of the turbine possible, an advantageous feature which leads to higher power output.
The cool air flow which drives the rotor is guided directly over the warm generator stator laminations by specially formed cooling fins, which increase and decrease with wind speed and thus power output.
The focus of the design was simplified by reducing the number of components used to as few as possible. The Palmtree 300 wind turbine functions without parts such as a gearbox, intermediate shafts and couplings, which are failure-prone and need extensive maintenance. Trouble-free operation of the wind turbine is maintained by the gear-less multi-pole generator with permanent magnet excitation, as passive air-cooled system. This uncomplicated rotor design allows safe, efficient turbine operation. 
Palmtree 300
Rated power
Rated wind speed
12 m/s
Cut-in wind
3 m/s
Cut-out wind speed
20 m/s

32 m
Swept area
804.2 m²
Speed range
15 - 50 r.p.m.
Number of blades 3
Blade material Fibre glass
Over speed control Blades pitch drives
Brake Electro magnetic
Yaw system
20 m/s

Electrical output
400VAC, 3 phase, 50 HZ
Grid interface
400VA transformer
Lightning protection
Grid connection
Frequency converter
Control system
Remote monitoring

Hub height
32 m
Tower type
Mono pole/lattice
Flat foundation